Osmani Garcia presenta  «LA VOZ» X CHARLY BLACK

Osmani Garcia presenta «LA VOZ» X CHARLY BLACK

mayo 22, 2022 0 Por La Redacción

Cuban superstar Osmani Garcia «La Voz», together with Jamaica’s top artist Charly Black, join forces to launch the catchy song and music video of «Pau Pow, Sing A Song». The song is a mix of Urban, Reggae, and Tropical music, and comes with a Tik Tok worthy dance that we are sure will become viral in no time.

Osmani Garcia was the first Cuban artist that became an international sensation with the hit song «El Taxi», alongside Pitbull & Sensato, with the video on YouTube that surpasses 750 million views. Osmani has celebrated many #1 hits and recently has promoted the hit song «Pizza Are», with singer Lenier, which has turned viral, with important personalities, influencers and fans posting videos eating pizza and creating a dance. He also recorded the ballad «Me Rindo Ante Ti», with Angel Lopez, ex lead singer of Son x 4, which is responsible for the huge hit «A Puro Dolor».

Charly Black, reggae and dancehall singer accepted the invitation to be part of «Pau Pow Sing A Song», after they communicated through Instagram. Osmani traveled to Jamaica and the video was filmed there with local dancers and amazing shots of the beach and typical Jamaican customs. He is best known for the song «Gyal you a party animal», becoming one of the most watched dancehall videos on YouTube of all time. Charlie was also part of the hit «Pa Que Me Invitan», hit alongside JenCarlos Canela and produced by Maffio. Other songs that have marked his career include «Whine & Kotch» Feat. J Capri (Prod.By Rvssian), «Girlfriend» (Prod.by Rvssian), «Bike Back», and «Hoist & Wine».

There is no doubt that this current collaboration of Osmani x Charly with «Pau Pow Sing A Song» will become a favorite on radio and social media.

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